General Well Wishes

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We, at Equatoria, want to thank you all again. We appreciate your business greatly!

We will be launching  our After-Easter Sterling Silver 15% OFF Sale. 
The sale will be on Equatoria catalog items and will start on  MAY 18TH – through – MAY 28TH.
IN ADDITION, we are having an OVERSTOCKED/DISCONTINUED SALE 35% OFF on certain Equatoria catalog items both Bronze and Sterling. This will be a “WHILE THEY LAST” Sale. 

Afterwards some items will be discontinued while other items, which are simply overstocked, will remain in our product line. 
Our usual May break has turned into a JUNE Break this year.  Friday, June 3rd, we will be taking a break that will last through Saturday, June 12.  You may still submit orders, if you like, and they will be processed when we return. We will do our best to get them all out in a timely manner.